Thursday, September 4, 2008

I think we are getting there

Well it seems that live is moving on!

Crome is out (at lest in Bata) and so is IE8.
Both seem to be nice browsers. But they have the Bata feel...

We are in a new home. A house! lots of room way more than we have had and it has a back yard! YAY. Zoe and Rashie (and the cats) are loving it. It makes me happy to see my little girl and dog running and playing in the back yard. They have a blast!

I am kind of looking for a new job. need more $$. I hate this. I hate having a job I like and in a good place. but I need something that pays more!

~L is looking for a job to. needs to be something after my work (no one would be happy with that. but might need to be done. and if it was no more than 3 or 4 days a week Zoe and I would be ok. I think..) but she would like something that is in the day but pays enough for Zoes care and we have $$ left over. hard to find.
No one whats to pay anything.

Well. that is about it. I think things will be better next month! get a pay check or 2 were half of it is not going into something else. like truck rental or deposits or the like.

Friday, July 11, 2008

Agan been Awhile Sorry

What can I say. have had lots to do.
thans have been going well.
Job good. Doing some cool work. the Zozety site is getting there. I am redoing it for the 3rd time. was driving me up the wall.
this weekend I am in CA for my brothers wedding. Zoe is having a good time and I am to.. kind of. I dont like san diago. I just dont. I like LA.

but the trip is nice.

Next week we need to find a house to live in. it is cosing me more stress that I can ever tell you.

I feel really bad most of the time. like I am doing somthing wrong because I can get Zoe a yard. I am always on the verge of tear. I think I will stop now because if not I will have them. anyway. need to work. get zoe a yard.

Thursday, May 1, 2008

Monday, March 3, 2008

Ugggg. Hate being sick

Have been so sick. Not happy about it. for the most part it has not been the type of sickness that drives me to bead, but it dose suck all my energy. Witch really sucks. I did get a new computer witch is nice, but have been to sick to really to anything with it. We also got the car fixed. we were going to get a new one. but have disided to wait till the end of the summer.

For the most part things are going well. but I need to feel well again. I really do. and I need to get some stuff done so I can make soem $$ with the new computer. just need a little more $$ per month. and I need to need to sleep all the time.

On other news. ~Z is turning 3. we had her birthday party on saterday. she had a blast. she is such a good girl.

the things she gets this year are.
to learn to fish.
swiming leasons.
to learn to sky.
to go to school.
She is looking forward to them all.

I am looking forward to her getting to do them all.
~thewildword, ~d

Tuesday, January 1, 2008

It is 2008. Another year gone.

It is 2008. Another year gone.
A new year here.

I look back over the last year and I guess it was good. Kept Zoe alive for another year.

She is doing so well. she is so smart and just a love.

Had a couple nice trips. CA, AZ and moved back to Boulder. I am vary happy about being back to Boulder.

I have had 3 jobs over the last year. Making more than 10k than I did last year.

Playing game again and have my 360 and a new TV.

So I guess it has been a good year.

Still, maybe it is just because it is new years. I am feeling down.
and you know what it is about.

I am making more then 10k than last year at this time and I am paying less in rent. you would think we would be saving $$. but that dose not seem to be the case. We need a new car and I am sure I can get a lone but what is that. more $$ a moth we will spend. I thought I was going to be saving $$ with the new phone. but I scored up and cost us $30 more last month. I am kicking myself for that. Hate myself for it. been eating at me.

We are getting a different computer. but I fear I will not be able to work on it because it is kind of old. I just don't get it. How do I get to the point where if I need to get something I don't have to worry about how I do it! I am worried that Zoe is going to get into the school that we really want her in and that I wont be able to afford it. I am worried that I am never going to get Zoe a yard!

I don't know what I am going to do.

I guess it will be ok.

I do have Laura and Zoe. They make me so happy. and Maybe if I get to working Out I will worry less. It would also help if work and any direction.


Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Perfect Day Meme

From the New Frontiers.

Ok. My Perfect day.
1st off I would only need about 4 hours sleep. So I could wake up early. I would wake from a nice dream.

The morning would be nice and crisp as I walked the dog and my coffee would be perfect.
I would get back and ~Z and ~L would still be asleep so I would get in a little gaming before ~Z got up and came in to give me a hug.

We would let ~L sleep in as I changed ~Z's but then got a BB show on for her. I would start Breakfast for Myself, ~L and ~Z. the Smell would wake up ~L and I would give her her coffee.

Then we would all have breakfast then head up in the mountains for a walk (or play of some kind). There would not be to much sun. We would make it back down town for a late lunch. A storm would come in. but just light rain to start. give us time to walk the mall. Check out how ~L's art was moving. I would buy some game stuff and candy

We would make it home before the Storm really broke. There would be thunder and lighting and a little flooding. This would last for a little while and there would be football on TV. my team would be winning. ~Z would play and watch the game with me and ~L would do art.

After the storm died down and the game was over we would go out to eat. Maybe with some Friends. after that we might get in an hour of card games or something. then we would but ~Z down and I would do some video games while ~L did art or we could both watch a movie (maybe with our friends) as the storm picks up again.

Then we would go to bead and read a little (maybe other things...) as we hear the rain coming down above us. (on a sky light)

this is just one perfect day. There is one or two with snow. more with rain and even a few with sun and the sea. also Kung-fu, more reading and and RPG planning would be in there. kayak or music lesson as well.


Friday, October 19, 2007

Not so much awake

Yes playing Halo and other games. But I had Halo dreams again last night. After staying up to late playing the game. This dream was more about the Flood. It might have given me a story idea.

I have also down loaded a game called Blazing Angels. A WWII air combat game. Love it. I might need to get the whole game.

~L and I had a nice hike last weekend. Would love some more walks.
Some friends watched ~Z. it was nice to get out. After the hike we had a nice dinner with the friends.

We also had my parents in last week. It was vary nice to see them. But I think we need to get ~Z out of the habit of asking for presents. She is 2 and everything she sees she wants. And She has no tact. It is not like her grand parents are not going to spool her. She just should not ask for it. Just need to make sure she grows out of it.

~Z is a love. She is looking forward to Halloween. So am I. She will have so much fun.

Well that is it for now. It is Fall. Vary Fall. Love it.