Tuesday, May 15, 2007

It is gone. Or at least going.

My home lab top is on its last leg. Maybe even past its last leg. For a while now it has been having problems but last week I took a CD out of it and it stopped working. It seems not to be able to find the hard drive now.

Oooo the pain. I can get it to work some. But have to tilt it at an angel to the left. It will boot up that way and run for about 15 minutes before it just locks up. Just about enough time for me to check email.

We are going to get a new computer. But we might wait till we get back to Boulder. Not sure we want to buy a new piece of hardware then move it half way across the U.S.

I don’t know if I can make it that long without a computer though. It is not the games or the web that I really need I find. It is developing. I need to Develop!

I am such a nerd.


Monday, May 14, 2007

Moving back to Boulder.

Thought I would update this really fast.

Fast is the key word. Things have been moving fast. Sense I have last blogged (one of the reasons I have not put anything on the new blog at all!). ~L and I have decided to move back to Boulder. We have been talking about it for awhile now and were going to stay here till then end of summer, but something’s came up, so I put my resume out just so see what hits I would get. And BAB. Lots of hits.

So we are off. Should be in on the 2nd on June.

I am going back this coming weekend to interview for a job. I have 3 interviews lined up. 2 of the 3 sound like nice places and I am sure I would enjoy working at ether. But the 3rd is the place I think I would like the most.


It is a company that builds a plug-in that lets you see were people are at on the web “near you”. They have come up with a way of creating web spheres. Groupings of web pages that are related in some way. You can also see were you friends are and the like. Everyone that I have gotten to sign up loves it. All think it could be the next big thing. Really makes you feel not so alone on the web. I have already made some new friends. (at lets I hope they are friends.. I was chatting with one person that was on there and found out he was the CEO part of the way though. J)

I have also discovered new sited though it. I see were people go and or group. When I see lots of people on a site, I just have to go check it out.

Well besides interviews for next weekend I need to find a place to live as well. And some time in there to say hi to some of my friends.

I am so looking forward to seeing them all. I have already been asked to play in a D&D game and run a Vampire game.

~L and I are also looking forward to letting ~Z play in the creek. And I can get back to Kung-fu more.

How fun.

Well now back to seeing if I can fix a 175px content box into 160px div.

I will try to keep everyone one updated.

~thewildword. ~d