Friday, July 11, 2008

Agan been Awhile Sorry

What can I say. have had lots to do.
thans have been going well.
Job good. Doing some cool work. the Zozety site is getting there. I am redoing it for the 3rd time. was driving me up the wall.
this weekend I am in CA for my brothers wedding. Zoe is having a good time and I am to.. kind of. I dont like san diago. I just dont. I like LA.

but the trip is nice.

Next week we need to find a house to live in. it is cosing me more stress that I can ever tell you.

I feel really bad most of the time. like I am doing somthing wrong because I can get Zoe a yard. I am always on the verge of tear. I think I will stop now because if not I will have them. anyway. need to work. get zoe a yard.