Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Good Omens.

I have finished the book. It is vary good but not as good as some by Neil Gaiman. I have not read anything else form Terry Pratchett so I don’t know if this is normal for hem. Still the book was good. Vary good. And as I expected it got me in the mood for In Nomine . But I don’t think that is going to happen. On the up side it dose look like I might get a gaming group together soon. I have people that would like to play. Now just need to find time for it. It is good to be making friends.

There was a couple things in the book that I thought was interesting. One at the end on of the main charters said that he thought when the end came it would be humans agents Heaven and Hell. I thought that would make an interesting story. Something happens at sometime in the future to open the war here on earth and to even the playing filed a little between the divine, the dammed and the humans. Just and idea.

They other is dose Heaven and Hell even care about us. (of course I don’t believe in heaven and hell) or do they care more about winning?

Ok. Now I am going to watch “Medium” there are talking dolls. Cool. And a little odd.

In other news. We only have about 4 weeks now till the San Diego trip. It is going to be so fun. Going to see my brother and mom and dad. ~Z is going to have a blast. I need to find a way one night to get ~L, ~Z and myself up to see my friends that live north of SD.

Well that is it for now.

Monday, January 29, 2007

~Z 1st kiss!

When I got home today My child came running out to see me. As always I picked her up and give her a big hug and a big kiss.

She as always gave me back a hug but for the 1st time she gave me a puckered up and gave me a big kiss. It was ~Z 1st kiss. I got ~Z 1st kiss.

It made me so happy!

A little later she was asking for chocolate! I got her some but I told her I need a kiss 1st. She gave me one. I got such a kick out of that to.

I just love her.

Saturday, January 27, 2007

A time to Blog (work and more)

Ok 1st Work. Well I had a couple interviews this week they were good and one I would have loved to have had. Would have been near the perfect job. Almost hurts that I did not get it. I am sure that if I wanted I would have a new job next week. But my work came back and offered me enough that I have decided to stay. Sure there are problems. But what job dose not have them and now I feel like they are willing to pay me for dealing with them. So I will stay. And I will enjoy it. I work with good people. They know what they are doing.

Working out has been going well. I think I might be loosing wait. It feels like I should be anyway. But The scale at the gym when I when it the 1st time said I was 237 the other day (3rd time I went) it said 227. Now ~L thinks the scales were off when I went in the 1st time but I tent to believe the numbers. Numbers do not lie. So I think I have lots 10 pounds! YAY.

The UU Church. It is still good. We are having fun there. And the writing group is going to start next month.

Getting out. We went to Discovery park today. It was nice. A little cold but not to bad when we got moving. It is a good park. I will blog about it soon and post pics.


Thursday, January 25, 2007

Update on work.

I have been looking for new work. As most of you know. And I have been complaining a lot about my job lately. I would like to take this time to say there is lots I do like about work. There are good people there and there is lots to learn. I would love for them to try to keep me. But end then end though I am interviewing for jobs that are 75k + or more a year. How can I say that I am doing what is best for me and my family if I am not making that much.

So that being said. I am looking. I have heard from someone I trust that my current job it going to try to keep me. But we will see. I also don’t want to be a ass. I want to make sure I get done what is needed for my current job. I do not wish to put anyone in a bad place.

Well that is it for now.
I am sorry if I bitch to much. But that is kind of what blogs are for.
Thewildword ~

Sunday, January 21, 2007

Gym 2nd try

We found another gym we have decided to try. It is not so close but it is less that 10 minutes drive. And ~L and I really want some place to work out. They did not give us the hard sale and the price is not bad. There is a January sale so if we sigh up before the end of this month it will be a good price. And we did get a free trial, no questions, We just walked in and we where shown around then given the pass. They have a good cardio room, weights, pool, racket ball court and a big open area that they teach classes in. And when there are no classes, I can work out (do forms and the like) in there. There is also a stream room and hot tub. So far I like it.

Today I did my 1st workout. I took my weight to start. 236!!! Errr. What I want is 180! That is what I was at 3 years ago when I was doing kung-fu every night. That is what I think I should be. I think I have almost 50 pounds of fat. Not happy about that. So ok here is my plan.

Do kung-fu when I can. At lest once a week. Going to try to start going twice.
But each day that I do not.
15 minutes of cardio. Get hart moving.
15 minutes of weights.
Depending of if the space is available.
2 to 3 forms.
15 minutes of cardio.
10 minutes of Steam room.

I will keep you informed on how it is going.

There is only 2 down falls to this place.
One there is a Dairy Quean right next door.
And just a couple doors down it a place that teaches some form of Marshals Arts. Don’t know what kind. It is just called “Marshals Arts”. No type. I don’t know why this bothers me. But it dose.


Saturday, January 20, 2007

Universal Unitarian

Ok. So ~L and I have been going to the Universal Unitarian the last few weeks. Ok 2, 3 for ~L as she went one week with out me. I must admit that I was vary worried about going. I did not have what I would think of as the best experience in church going up.

Sure I had a good time with the other kids and there was a lot of me that enjoyed the history, stories and there is a lot to learn for the hole Christ thing. I even thought about being a preacher when I was a kid. But as I got older I felt that there was just to much judgment in it and to much just counter to common sense.

Do I believe in a hire power. Yes! God? In general. Yes. I tend to think that God is “US” as a hole. You, me, the dog, the cats, the earth, the stars. That we are all part of God. I believe God is beauty, love and even destruction and hate. He/She is the sum of it all. Do I think God has a consciousness. Yes. But I believe that Consciousness reveals its self to each person differently. End the end God lives in the hart after all. And no two people have the same hart. There fore no two people can have the same god. I also believe in the Big Bang (something that is stunning when you think about it. Once together always together. Something that tell you how connected we all are. Something that is part Quantum theory. You know science) I also believe in Evolution (I think people that don’t believe in evolution based on that there is not just enough time just don’t quite grasp how much time is involved! End the end I can’t grasp that much time no one can. But what I can grasp is that the earth has been around so long and it has had more than enough time to not only come up with millions and millions of living things. It would be harder to believe that it would not come up with at lets sentient species at some point). I believe in reincarnation. It just makes sense. Tell me were in nature that you just see something stop!. You don’t, stuff my die and come back as something else. But it dose not stop. And sense I believe in a sole (why. Because I want to!) . I must believe it follows the same rules.

Anyway. Like I was saying the religion I grew up in seemed to have a big problem with common sense. Preaching love. But the last time I was in that church it was an hour of talking about how bad Gays were and lots of hate coming out of the preachers moth. They clam that the Catholics are so wrong about everything but they follow a bible that was for the most part put together for them by the Catholics. The Pope is the one that took out Reincarnation, because it gave the people to much power. And were in the bible is Mary a prostitute! No were. There is even a book that was written by her. But it gave women to much power. So it was gong. And the hole end of the world thing. And Hell, Hell was put in for one reason, to scare people. And Scare people is what the church is best at. Scare people and condemn them. You are with god or the Devil. I just don’t want to be apart of the much judgment. And not part of that something black and white. That is just not the way God is.

So it took me a lot to get in the door of the UU Church. Any church. But I did.

There are several good reason for going. No the lest of witch is that it is a good place to make friends and for ~Z to get to play with other little kids. ~Z loves it. She points out the church every time we go by. ~L and I love it to. In the 3 weeks we have been going we have meet more people that we have the hole of the rest of the time we have been here. ~L is going to an art class they have and there might me a Writhing group starting that I think I might enjoy.

All that said. It is so far a vary good thing. Still someone said something to me that did bring something up that I was worried about as much as I worried about going to someplace that reminded me of the judgmental church of my youth. It was the one size fits all concept. The trying to be a student of everything and there for a master of nothing. Knowing just enough to talking about something but not enough to teach. And there for having nothing to really teach.

But I must tell you I have not found that. It was just what I was looking for. Sure there is still some reading form the bible. But it is the parts that talks about Gods love, and the value of knowledge. There is also lots of nodes to the Goddess powers out there and even pocket Atheists. (people that don’t so much believe in God but believe in community!) It is not so much that they try to preach any of thing. Lest of all Gods will. Instead that work at showing people how to find a way to talk to God themselves. To find a way to see the beauty around them and to realize that the beauty and themselves are part of something greater. It is as good thing. They also actively engage in conversations about all believes and thoughts, to better understand and learn there own believes.

And I know that people are going to say that we are picking and choosing what part of the bible we are using and that should not be done. But in the end I have not seen one religion that dose not do that with the Bible. Hell the one I grew up in added to it with there own profit. I would also like to point out that if your really wanted to know what the bible says you need to learn the language that it was written in and read it for yourself. If not. You are not believing what the bible says. Your are believing what someone else think the bible says.

Well that is about all I have to say for now. There is lost more to say. But you know.. time… We are vary happy with the UU Church. It reminds me of the things I enjoy about Church and the community it gave and non of the End of world by the 4 hoarse man of the Apocalypse and hell, fire and hate.

And sometime I am going to go into how odd I think it is for a religion to have a primary adversary as the Light Bringer and that the down fall of my from paradise was knowledge (as in the tree of). Is that not saying that Ignorance is Paradise? And to gain knowledge is to loss paradise. And is not Knowledge and Light equivalent in some ways?

Anyway UU good so far. Only gone 3 weeks after all.

O well. More on that later.


Friday, January 19, 2007

Thought it was a good idea.

Ok. Sense I have been here in Seattle I have not been able to get to Kung-fu as much as I would like. Let’s face it. To get to class on the weekdays I would ether, 1 have to take the bus home for an hour, kiss my wife and child, get in a car drive for :40 to an hour. Then maybe get an hour of class before I need to leave if I want to get home before my child goes to bed and my dog need a walk. Or 2. Take the bus form work over to class. Get 2 hours of class before I head home on the bus for 1 hour at least (have to changes buses)
Neither is very good if I want to spend any time with my family that day. And ~L has to dill with ~Z for 10 hours a day anyway. She is a good child. But she is a 2 years old (Like herding cats that have thrums and can tell you they don’t want to be herded by setting and screaming there heads off. Between being cute and loving.) It is hard for me to add at least 3 more hours on to that for ~L even once a week.
Well anyway. We ~L and me thought we would try the gym next to us. Just to make up for the exercise we don’t get being out here, because it is so dark at night and lately cold. We had a 10 day free pass thing that we thought would be good for a try. Hell we were even ready to just join. After all, they are open 24hr a day so I could go after ~Z went to sleep. And they have day care. So ~L could take ~Z over and let her play with other kids while she worked out.
Needless to say. The whole thing was crap. The person we meet at 8:30 spent an hour telling us hour great the gym was (and it did look great. But you don’t spend an hour telling people that are hulling a kid around every little thing. They are ready to see the place quickly and then sigh up or not) , then we got the pitch.
If we signed up for the 2 of us right then! Our 1st time in. it would only cost us only $230 (1st and last month’s fees, $90 membership start up cost and $39 each registration fee and stuff.) Ug…. If we waited though and did the 10 day free trial (which did not let you come in after 9 at night) it would cost almost $450. And it was a hard sell. We walked out! What a pain in the But. What a waste of time.
People can say all they want about kung-fu. But you don’t get the hard sell, you get to know all the cost up front, and the price is way cheaper than just about anything else out there. Sure they get your money is weapons and special class and festivals. But it is not like that stuff is hidden.
I just need a way to get there more. I was excited to see that the gym had a big open area that was not used at night. I thought I could use it to practice in. but no!
2 of the many things I miss about Boulder. Close to Kung-Fu. Have community Centers you could work out in.
Still I love being out here.
Just wish getting to a place to work out was easers. Just doing it at home has never worked for me. I need to go somewhere and set aside time for it.

Thursday, January 18, 2007

I have so much to blog about.

But I am having a hard time thinking. So I will tell you that I am reading Good Omens by Terry Pratchett by Neil Gaiman right now. Gaiman being one of my top 5 anthers. I am liking it. It is a little hard to read. It is vary British. That is about the best way to describe it. Flows of thought don't mesh well with mine sometimes. Kind of like watching BBC show and the people do something or say something and you’re like what. That makes no sense. That is not how we would do or say or react to that in America. It is not that what they are doing is wrong. Just deferent.
It is all good though. The story is good. It has the Antichrist in it as a kid and the 4 horsemen of the Apocalypse in it as well. All good things. But I was thinking if there are 4 housemen of the Apocalypse then should there also not be 4 housemen of the un-Apocalypse as well. Something to counter them. O well something to think about.
Anyway back to the book. I like it. So far. I liked Neverwhere and American Gods better. American Gods being easier to read, Neverwhere being a better book.
Well that is my blog for now.

Sunday, January 14, 2007

Ok. Well here is the big day

By birthday. Not that exciting all in all. I got a cumpas from L and Zoe. L taught Zoe my age. Ask Z how old is Daddy. “Daddy Old!” Nice.

Besides that I did Tie-Che today. That was good. I really needed it. More so after this last week. I could not even begin to start to tell you how the week was going. Still looking for a new job. Part of me would like were I am to make me a good offer and I could stay there. I would like to stay some place for a while. And I like my boss a lot. And the people I work with. But…. And part of me would like to get a job on this side of the lake.
I just want more $$. I don’t wont to worry about $$ anymore. And I want to be able to get stuff and do stuff with out worring about $$.

Go on trips.
Get a iPod Shuffle.
Get a xbox 360.
Get a Baby sitter so L and I can go out.
Stuff like that. I know stuff is silly. But still.

We are going out to eat later. That will be nice. I am looking forward to it. I am going to get a good stake. Hard to get. But I do want a good Stake.

In other news. At UU there is a weighting group starting. I may look into that. It would be fun and I have my orienteering class this week. I hope no one bugs that day and I can go. I get to work tomorrow. Should be a day off. But I get to work.


Thursday, January 11, 2007

I need help!

I am so ticked. Ticked to the core of my being.

You see at work 4 or more months ago a project started being talked about at the company. I was in on the talks and plans about it at the start. I helped with the timelines and technology expectations. Then all of a sudden I was taken out of it. Not in the meetings. Not giving my opinions. The only opinion I could give was that we were going to end up with this project having time and deadline problems because there was not a plan for the project from the dev side. But I said this a couple times and people said it was noted and that was that.

And now here we are. I was given the OK to start working on it 6 weeks ago. One of the weeks we could not work on it because of having a week off. Witch I loved. We had a date for code complete of jan 15. and css complete. CSS complete being DOBs across 5 browsers. The 1st week and more we could not work because at that time we were arguing about what technology to use, well I was not but the MP and my manager were. The stuff that I was talking about at the start of the project.

Anyway after all this what was decided that we will have the site ready for QA on 2-1 for all 5 browsers. And on 1-15 we decided 4 pages done in IE 6 and 7.

Today at the start of the day we learn that it is like they want to look at most of the site on the 15th. Some one told the customer it would be ready by then. A PM. So they want me to work this weekend. Doing mostly css. And this weekend I am mostly putting in content!

I should not be putting in content. I am a programmer. I should not be just doing css. I am a programmer. I should be doing AJAX, building tools. Doing .net! doing C#!

F#@k this. I am pissed! I get paid to much for doing content and not enough for this crap! I am a programmer!

I could have made this so much easer if I would have just been in the process from the start and stayed in it!!!

I am so mad!
Dame it!

I don’t mind working late. Or overtime sometimes. But I do hate when I have to because people are not letting me do my job!

Thewildword ~d

Wednesday, January 10, 2007


Snow. lots and lots of snow. all comming down in about 5 minits.

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Tuesday, January 9, 2007

The “New 30”.

As most of you know or you do now, I am about to turn 37! And somewhere in the middle of that age I will pass the point were I am closer to 40 than to 35. And lets just face it. If I am that close to 40 I might as just well be 40!

And that kind of bothers me. Most ages don’t bother me. But 40 kind of dose for some reason. It is ½ of 80 after all, and 80 is about ½ of my life. Also I have done none of the things I have wished for by 40! Take over Europe, Dye my brothers hair blue, see KC win a super bowl, get an x-box 360, Make my own religion, see a total eclipse!

To sum up. Have not done enough by 40!

But coming home on the bus today I overheard someone talking and it seemed they were coming up on 30. and with a laugh she pointed out to some one on the other end of her phone, that 30 is the “new 20”. and as I often believe things I overhear on the bus spoken by a lowed blond talking of the phone. I knew she was right.

So flowing this logic I now see that 40 is the “new 30”. So I am not on my way to 40. I am on my way to the “new 30”. It now seems like I have lots of time to do things I want to do. I am younger that I thought I was in this new way of thinking. I can set on the couch now and not worry about my goals, because I have lots of time to do them! And life is good again.

I did relies though that this “new 30” thing cant be fore everyone and after doing some research I have found there is a cut off date were if you were born before you don’t get to be the “new 30”, you just hit 40 (the “OLD 40” or what old people would think of as 40.)

And not surprising because I am at the cutting edge of these cool new things. I am at the leading edge of were you can go by the “new” version of your age.

So this is the way it is. If you were born in 1970 or after you get to take 10 years off you age after you turn 30 and call yourself “the new XXX”. So for me I will be the “new 27!”

If you were born before 1970 (and you know who you are!) you would just have to say you were 37, thus almost 40. and you might as well say you are 40 then righ!

And that is the wisdom I got on the bus today!

thewildword ~d

Sunday, January 7, 2007

Why Good Books suck.

Because they suck up your life. I hade a few things I wanted to do this weekend. Did I get them done? No! Why? Because I spend all weekend reading a book. Not don’t with it. Need to get back to it. Will till you the name and more about it when I am done.

So the rest of this will be quick.

Friday. Did not play Magic the gather. Zoe did not sleep all day and ~L was about to lose it. So I happily stayed home with Zoe (and Read!) and let her get out by herself.

Saturday. Kung-Fu Good! Iron bone and Punching Kicking class. Came home Read! Watched KC lose badly in the playoffs. Went out on a drive to get Zoe to sleep! Eat got some Magic cards! Came home. Read!

Sunday. Went to the Universal Unitarian Service. It was about the “New Atheism” something I will blog about more later. 3rd time going. Really liking it! Came home. Read!

Gong to go Read more now!

O I am also going to ask for more $$ tomorrow at work. If I don’t get it. I am going to get a deferent job. Even though I like the people I work with. I need and want the $$ more.

Thewildword ~d

O and people that I know that write. Will you hurry up and get some things done I can read! It is cheaper that way! And you can read, or try to read my stuff anytime you like.

Friday, January 5, 2007

Things I would rather be doing now. (short list!)

Looking for Bigfoot.
Looking for UFO’s
Looking for Ghosts.
Looking for the fairies (and you know what I mean!)
Looking into Earth Mysteries.
All would be cooler that what I am doing!

thewildword ~d

Thursday, January 4, 2007

The Democrats are in!

So here we go. I have mixed emotions about this. In then end I worry it will not make much deference. End the end the people that we have in charge of the Democrats are the some old people that have been in charge of the Democrats. Not the new younger Democrats. So I don’t know if they are really going to be able to do anything.

I just don’t think that the old Democrats or anyone that has been in politics for more than a 5 or 6 years can represent the people. The are not part of the people anymore. To easy it seems to believe there causes are the peoples causes.

And as long as we have a system that allows people to stay in power and gives them more power (seniority) the longer they are in there. And those people have the power to decided or help to decided who gets $$ for running for seats in the party. We will not get real change.

And we need change.

Not the kind of changes that rising taxes or emigration reform will do. (and we do need both.)

What we need to change is how people can buy laws. Buy who gets investigated. Buy power. Buy who gets government contracts and can get away with braking the law.

I am under a firm believe now that the government had misused our trust. And because they have nothing that they do or fund, even the military, can be kept secret. There is nothing that the government dose that should be above the publics scrutiny. There should be NO presidential privilege. At least not till we find time again when we can trust the government again.

At one point we may have had a government we could trust. But when we started letting the government keep such secrets on the ‘need’ for national security and the like. We started letting the government get out of our control.

Tell me what could there be that our government could hide from us for our own good?

I can see military actions.

But what would be wrong with us knowing what weapons we had? They are our weapons after all. We pay for them! What is wrong with other knowing how powerful we are, if we are? And if others know we can kick there but with out loosing a man then I think it is less likely they will come after us. Sure they might try to get weapons or defiance items to counter ours. Well that is just a good reason for us to keep trying! Keep pushing for more.

What dills could our government be making with power companies that the people should not know about or agreements with other countries that should not be none to all. After all it is not them that are making the agreements. It is us. The people. If they are doing things on our behave. Then we should have the right to know about it.

The only reason to keep it from us is to keep themselves in power. Knowledge is power after all. The other reason of course is they know the people would not approve of how the $$ is being spend. Sure the government has to do things that are not popular. But they don’t have the right to do it in the dark. They get paid will to be the hang man. We should be wise enough to know that is what we are paying them for.

Well that is all I have to say now. I hope things are good with the Dems in.

Thewildword ~d

Wednesday, January 3, 2007

If I was to run a game.

What would it be?
I have maybe 2 players. Friends. L is out because so much Z takes so much time that any free time is valued. I so know that feeling. She is a good value. But she is a time vacuumed!

So I may have 2 players and with some luck maybe 1 or to more will show up! Like magic! I hope.

But what game!

Wight Wolf: Mage.
I have done this a lot. I like Mage a cross between 1-3rd addition. But I am not at this point having any inspiration for the game. I am sure I can come up with it soon. I am good at that for Mage.

Wight Wolf: Where Wolf.
I have only did this once. But I have played it lots and I enjoyed it. I have a couple ideas for this. But it is not my best at running.

Wight Wolf: Vampire.
Well. What can I say. I have a idea!!! O ya. Idea!

Cyberpunk 2020.
I am rally in the mood to play this. I have a couple ideas for running and it is an easy system to run!

D&D. 2nd.
Easy to run. Like above. But not lots of ideas. But easy to get ideas for.

In Nomine: ????
Have ran it. Love it. Have Idea. Good ideas! But it is a game you run with people you have ran with for a while. You can not play the game and enjoy it with out testing your self and your morals. (kind of!)

My own system.
It is a system kind of base on Charles De'lint / Gaiman worlds. You have kind on innate powers your can use magic. But true magic take a log time. And lots of will.
I do have dies for this as well though. Good ideas.

Well. What should I do?

Need more info?

I don’t know. But with luck we will find out!
thewildword ~d

HALO 3 and Wars

I need. O I need so bad!
Must have xBox 360



Tuesday, January 2, 2007

Stupid work.

1st day back.
It took till 11 for me to get all the changes on my system that was made over last week in India.

It also seems that for some reason we have to include all the .css files that are in the css folder on all pages. but that is just stupid! What if I want css on one page that I don’t want on a deferent one. But India set it up that way. Also they were complaining that some of the js dose not work. Well it would help if you include the .js file.

End then end I did not get much done today. A little but most of it was spend trying to fix things that was working a week ago.

8 working days till launch. I see working on my birthday!
Even then. I don’t see getting this done!

This project just was not thought out. And we have to many people in charge in to many places.

Errrrrr not a good way to start a new work year!
thewildword ~d

Magic: The Gathering

Ok. I hate myself for this but.
I got some more Magic: The Gathering cards this week.
I am desperate for a game I tell you. And I know this is not real gaming but I need something. Anything! And maybe this will be a way to meet other gamers.
At one of the local gaming stores they have a MTG game every Friday.
It can’t hurt much to try right! RIGHT?
I also did put up a note looking for Gaming there. White wolf 1, 2 or 3rd. Cyberpunk or In Nomine.
Or even D&D!
In Kirkland or on the east side of Seattle.
O the pain