Thursday, September 4, 2008

I think we are getting there

Well it seems that live is moving on!

Crome is out (at lest in Bata) and so is IE8.
Both seem to be nice browsers. But they have the Bata feel...

We are in a new home. A house! lots of room way more than we have had and it has a back yard! YAY. Zoe and Rashie (and the cats) are loving it. It makes me happy to see my little girl and dog running and playing in the back yard. They have a blast!

I am kind of looking for a new job. need more $$. I hate this. I hate having a job I like and in a good place. but I need something that pays more!

~L is looking for a job to. needs to be something after my work (no one would be happy with that. but might need to be done. and if it was no more than 3 or 4 days a week Zoe and I would be ok. I think..) but she would like something that is in the day but pays enough for Zoes care and we have $$ left over. hard to find.
No one whats to pay anything.

Well. that is about it. I think things will be better next month! get a pay check or 2 were half of it is not going into something else. like truck rental or deposits or the like.