Monday, September 17, 2007

Hello world

Got it.

So I got my 360 finely.

And yes it is vary fun.

But more about that in a second.

Some updates.

Live is going well I think. Job vary good. Have my own office witch is nice but I do feel vary alone sometimes. That is good and bad I guess. I have been given an opportunity here to really build (with one other person) our own department. I think that will happen. The only thing that I don't like is that right now I am doing more documentation than anything else. I had about 3 weeks of being able to do what ever I thought was needed. not this week.

One of the things I love about being here is that I can bike or walk to work and home. It is also right by the creek and ~Z and ~L can come up for lunch sometimes. Also there are lots of bunny's around. ~Z loves that.

I counted 10 bunny's on my walk home the other day.

I still need to start going to class more. or at all. I went once about 3 weeks ago. But then I started doing some contract work and it always seemed that they wanted stuff on nights that I had class. I think the job is done now. but I have though that before and it keeps coming back. I keep getting payed for it though. So that is good. Will help paying off parents for the move, put some $$ back to catch up on things. That makes me happy. (and it did help me get the 360)

On the up side we have been hiking/Walking allot. ~Z is just amazing on them. She sees things (like dear and other animals) before we do. It is vary fun to go on hikes with her. I just wish she would not so easily get distracted by sticks and rocks. Also it seems we really need to be on the look out when we are out. ~Z and ~L saw a mountain lion the other day and there have been lots of sightings of mountain lions and bears down near or in town.

~Z BTW is going nuts. She is always moving, Learning and playing. As close as she gets to staying still is when she is watching Disney videos. We are now going though them all. (Thank goodness we have video games and pitcher in pitcher.

She also sets with me while I play video games sometimes. she will get a old controller from the xbox and set next me telling me she is helping. She hits the buttons and watches the TV. She loves Frogger and Sonic the Hedge Hog (I can down load old 80's and 90's games.) But I kind of worry a little when she is "playing" Gears of War with me. Chainsaws cutting though aliens and all. Still she seems happy.

~L's art is looking vary good. It always dose. but it looks better and better all the time and she is happy doing it. She is going to start taking violin lessons this week and I am going to do guitar sometime. ~Z is taking music lessons. Ask her what she likes best. "the shakers" she says holding out her arms to her side and shaking!

RPG. going well.

Ok. the 360. I do love it. Right out of the box though the 1st one I got gave the the "Red Ring Of Death" I took it right back and got a new one. No one gave me any problems about that. People know it happens. I got a ping pong game that came with it. have not played it yet. I have been playing Gears of War. I did not really think I was going to like GOW much besides playing with my friends. but I am really getting into it.

As for the rest of the system. I love it that it connects me to people on the IM chat as well as other people on the xbox. It really makes me feel like I am part of the community. I also like the downloads. the classic video games and Demos are fun. I would also like to connect it to the computer. but have not gotten that to work yet. Really want to do XNA.

As for games I want. guitar heroes I really need BioShock! . and HALO 3 is coming. (I am almost shaking!)

Well that is it for now.