Monday, March 3, 2008

Ugggg. Hate being sick

Have been so sick. Not happy about it. for the most part it has not been the type of sickness that drives me to bead, but it dose suck all my energy. Witch really sucks. I did get a new computer witch is nice, but have been to sick to really to anything with it. We also got the car fixed. we were going to get a new one. but have disided to wait till the end of the summer.

For the most part things are going well. but I need to feel well again. I really do. and I need to get some stuff done so I can make soem $$ with the new computer. just need a little more $$ per month. and I need to need to sleep all the time.

On other news. ~Z is turning 3. we had her birthday party on saterday. she had a blast. she is such a good girl.

the things she gets this year are.
to learn to fish.
swiming leasons.
to learn to sky.
to go to school.
She is looking forward to them all.

I am looking forward to her getting to do them all.
~thewildword, ~d