Friday, July 27, 2007

Life now

Well things seem to be going good. I do like my job. Still upset about the travel. But it is all good.

It has turned off cool again. Well 80s right now. Was up to almost 100 this last week. So way to hot.

I have gotten done with the last Harry Potter book. It was very good. I don’t know if I would say it was supper. But it was good. And a good ending to the story. There are thing that I would like to know about what happened after the end. But I am guess did better than most stories.

So now I am going to read something else. I wish I had a printer. I have a friend that has send me something she did. But the only time I can read it is in front of the computer. And that sucks. I am not a big fan reading stuff off the computer.

I guess this is not going to be a big entry. I just though I would say hi to everyone. My gaming is going well. Well it is going fun anyway. In D&D my Ranger got an arrow in the eye. Then on the week I could not play instead of getting my eye fixed the party took off across the country. The Vampire game is going well. I look forward to running again. It will be so nice. Well nice for me.

Still have not got our stuff for Seattle yet.

But it does seem. Life is good.


Tuesday, July 10, 2007

So a quick update.

Things seem to be going ok sense we have been back.

Job is good. A little bit of a pine because insurance has not come though like the contract company told me it would and I did not get a bus pass. But I like the person I am working for and it pays well. Still you never know what might come up.

Living is good to. Hot though most of the time here. Senses we have moved in we have spend almost $600 on AC units for the place. Got 2 of them and on the 90+ days they just hold there own. Hate to see what the bill is going to be for the electricity. Not to mention there is $600 gone we could have used for other things.

Class. Love it. When I get to it. But I have been going more then when I was in Seattle. Still cost $$. Hate to go when I can’t pay. So will start going again next week.

Friends. Seeing lots of them and gaming. Playing D&D (Second game and my CH got an arrow in the eye) and running Vampire. (let’s just see what happens to the CH of the D&D games eye!)

Car. Runs good now. But I just had to drop in $820 on it. Hate that.

Hate it hate it hate it. That makes 1420 on stuff we need but … dame it. We were going to get a computer with that $$, and get our stuff from Seattle and…. Well. Maybe something else.

Just pisses me off.

It also makes us live like we have no $$. I hate that. We should not have this problem with as much as I make. But every time it looks like we might have something left over. Bam! I am trying not to be negative. But still….

We did get a nice mattress though. We both sleep so well on it.

For the most part all is good. I am still doing some work with Saltmine. Got paid for the gadgets I did.

Have friends.