Thursday, June 14, 2007

It has been a long time, or so it seems.
Well we made it back to Boulder. We left most of our stuff back in Kirkland though. Just could not aford the truck at the time. So at the end of this month I am going back and getting it all. IT is going to be a long trip. but I hope to find someone to go witht me. help with the trip back.

We are happy to be back. I have 2 games in the works and have a good job. The job is in denver and the bos likes VB. still it is good. and I can keep my eyes open for somthing in Boulder. But I am in no ruch. and this might work out well for me. Even with the drive.

I am also still doing some other work for saltmine as well, and soem for a difrent company. I hope soon though to get my own thing going. have some idea.

Well in short. We are back and we are happy
thewildword ~d