Thursday, January 11, 2007

I need help!

I am so ticked. Ticked to the core of my being.

You see at work 4 or more months ago a project started being talked about at the company. I was in on the talks and plans about it at the start. I helped with the timelines and technology expectations. Then all of a sudden I was taken out of it. Not in the meetings. Not giving my opinions. The only opinion I could give was that we were going to end up with this project having time and deadline problems because there was not a plan for the project from the dev side. But I said this a couple times and people said it was noted and that was that.

And now here we are. I was given the OK to start working on it 6 weeks ago. One of the weeks we could not work on it because of having a week off. Witch I loved. We had a date for code complete of jan 15. and css complete. CSS complete being DOBs across 5 browsers. The 1st week and more we could not work because at that time we were arguing about what technology to use, well I was not but the MP and my manager were. The stuff that I was talking about at the start of the project.

Anyway after all this what was decided that we will have the site ready for QA on 2-1 for all 5 browsers. And on 1-15 we decided 4 pages done in IE 6 and 7.

Today at the start of the day we learn that it is like they want to look at most of the site on the 15th. Some one told the customer it would be ready by then. A PM. So they want me to work this weekend. Doing mostly css. And this weekend I am mostly putting in content!

I should not be putting in content. I am a programmer. I should not be just doing css. I am a programmer. I should be doing AJAX, building tools. Doing .net! doing C#!

F#@k this. I am pissed! I get paid to much for doing content and not enough for this crap! I am a programmer!

I could have made this so much easer if I would have just been in the process from the start and stayed in it!!!

I am so mad!
Dame it!

I don’t mind working late. Or overtime sometimes. But I do hate when I have to because people are not letting me do my job!

Thewildword ~d

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