Sunday, January 21, 2007

Gym 2nd try

We found another gym we have decided to try. It is not so close but it is less that 10 minutes drive. And ~L and I really want some place to work out. They did not give us the hard sale and the price is not bad. There is a January sale so if we sigh up before the end of this month it will be a good price. And we did get a free trial, no questions, We just walked in and we where shown around then given the pass. They have a good cardio room, weights, pool, racket ball court and a big open area that they teach classes in. And when there are no classes, I can work out (do forms and the like) in there. There is also a stream room and hot tub. So far I like it.

Today I did my 1st workout. I took my weight to start. 236!!! Errr. What I want is 180! That is what I was at 3 years ago when I was doing kung-fu every night. That is what I think I should be. I think I have almost 50 pounds of fat. Not happy about that. So ok here is my plan.

Do kung-fu when I can. At lest once a week. Going to try to start going twice.
But each day that I do not.
15 minutes of cardio. Get hart moving.
15 minutes of weights.
Depending of if the space is available.
2 to 3 forms.
15 minutes of cardio.
10 minutes of Steam room.

I will keep you informed on how it is going.

There is only 2 down falls to this place.
One there is a Dairy Quean right next door.
And just a couple doors down it a place that teaches some form of Marshals Arts. Don’t know what kind. It is just called “Marshals Arts”. No type. I don’t know why this bothers me. But it dose.


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