Saturday, January 20, 2007

Universal Unitarian

Ok. So ~L and I have been going to the Universal Unitarian the last few weeks. Ok 2, 3 for ~L as she went one week with out me. I must admit that I was vary worried about going. I did not have what I would think of as the best experience in church going up.

Sure I had a good time with the other kids and there was a lot of me that enjoyed the history, stories and there is a lot to learn for the hole Christ thing. I even thought about being a preacher when I was a kid. But as I got older I felt that there was just to much judgment in it and to much just counter to common sense.

Do I believe in a hire power. Yes! God? In general. Yes. I tend to think that God is “US” as a hole. You, me, the dog, the cats, the earth, the stars. That we are all part of God. I believe God is beauty, love and even destruction and hate. He/She is the sum of it all. Do I think God has a consciousness. Yes. But I believe that Consciousness reveals its self to each person differently. End the end God lives in the hart after all. And no two people have the same hart. There fore no two people can have the same god. I also believe in the Big Bang (something that is stunning when you think about it. Once together always together. Something that tell you how connected we all are. Something that is part Quantum theory. You know science) I also believe in Evolution (I think people that don’t believe in evolution based on that there is not just enough time just don’t quite grasp how much time is involved! End the end I can’t grasp that much time no one can. But what I can grasp is that the earth has been around so long and it has had more than enough time to not only come up with millions and millions of living things. It would be harder to believe that it would not come up with at lets sentient species at some point). I believe in reincarnation. It just makes sense. Tell me were in nature that you just see something stop!. You don’t, stuff my die and come back as something else. But it dose not stop. And sense I believe in a sole (why. Because I want to!) . I must believe it follows the same rules.

Anyway. Like I was saying the religion I grew up in seemed to have a big problem with common sense. Preaching love. But the last time I was in that church it was an hour of talking about how bad Gays were and lots of hate coming out of the preachers moth. They clam that the Catholics are so wrong about everything but they follow a bible that was for the most part put together for them by the Catholics. The Pope is the one that took out Reincarnation, because it gave the people to much power. And were in the bible is Mary a prostitute! No were. There is even a book that was written by her. But it gave women to much power. So it was gong. And the hole end of the world thing. And Hell, Hell was put in for one reason, to scare people. And Scare people is what the church is best at. Scare people and condemn them. You are with god or the Devil. I just don’t want to be apart of the much judgment. And not part of that something black and white. That is just not the way God is.

So it took me a lot to get in the door of the UU Church. Any church. But I did.

There are several good reason for going. No the lest of witch is that it is a good place to make friends and for ~Z to get to play with other little kids. ~Z loves it. She points out the church every time we go by. ~L and I love it to. In the 3 weeks we have been going we have meet more people that we have the hole of the rest of the time we have been here. ~L is going to an art class they have and there might me a Writhing group starting that I think I might enjoy.

All that said. It is so far a vary good thing. Still someone said something to me that did bring something up that I was worried about as much as I worried about going to someplace that reminded me of the judgmental church of my youth. It was the one size fits all concept. The trying to be a student of everything and there for a master of nothing. Knowing just enough to talking about something but not enough to teach. And there for having nothing to really teach.

But I must tell you I have not found that. It was just what I was looking for. Sure there is still some reading form the bible. But it is the parts that talks about Gods love, and the value of knowledge. There is also lots of nodes to the Goddess powers out there and even pocket Atheists. (people that don’t so much believe in God but believe in community!) It is not so much that they try to preach any of thing. Lest of all Gods will. Instead that work at showing people how to find a way to talk to God themselves. To find a way to see the beauty around them and to realize that the beauty and themselves are part of something greater. It is as good thing. They also actively engage in conversations about all believes and thoughts, to better understand and learn there own believes.

And I know that people are going to say that we are picking and choosing what part of the bible we are using and that should not be done. But in the end I have not seen one religion that dose not do that with the Bible. Hell the one I grew up in added to it with there own profit. I would also like to point out that if your really wanted to know what the bible says you need to learn the language that it was written in and read it for yourself. If not. You are not believing what the bible says. Your are believing what someone else think the bible says.

Well that is about all I have to say for now. There is lost more to say. But you know.. time… We are vary happy with the UU Church. It reminds me of the things I enjoy about Church and the community it gave and non of the End of world by the 4 hoarse man of the Apocalypse and hell, fire and hate.

And sometime I am going to go into how odd I think it is for a religion to have a primary adversary as the Light Bringer and that the down fall of my from paradise was knowledge (as in the tree of). Is that not saying that Ignorance is Paradise? And to gain knowledge is to loss paradise. And is not Knowledge and Light equivalent in some ways?

Anyway UU good so far. Only gone 3 weeks after all.

O well. More on that later.


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