Tuesday, January 9, 2007

The “New 30”.

As most of you know or you do now, I am about to turn 37! And somewhere in the middle of that age I will pass the point were I am closer to 40 than to 35. And lets just face it. If I am that close to 40 I might as just well be 40!

And that kind of bothers me. Most ages don’t bother me. But 40 kind of dose for some reason. It is ½ of 80 after all, and 80 is about ½ of my life. Also I have done none of the things I have wished for by 40! Take over Europe, Dye my brothers hair blue, see KC win a super bowl, get an x-box 360, Make my own religion, see a total eclipse!

To sum up. Have not done enough by 40!

But coming home on the bus today I overheard someone talking and it seemed they were coming up on 30. and with a laugh she pointed out to some one on the other end of her phone, that 30 is the “new 20”. and as I often believe things I overhear on the bus spoken by a lowed blond talking of the phone. I knew she was right.

So flowing this logic I now see that 40 is the “new 30”. So I am not on my way to 40. I am on my way to the “new 30”. It now seems like I have lots of time to do things I want to do. I am younger that I thought I was in this new way of thinking. I can set on the couch now and not worry about my goals, because I have lots of time to do them! And life is good again.

I did relies though that this “new 30” thing cant be fore everyone and after doing some research I have found there is a cut off date were if you were born before you don’t get to be the “new 30”, you just hit 40 (the “OLD 40” or what old people would think of as 40.)

And not surprising because I am at the cutting edge of these cool new things. I am at the leading edge of were you can go by the “new” version of your age.

So this is the way it is. If you were born in 1970 or after you get to take 10 years off you age after you turn 30 and call yourself “the new XXX”. So for me I will be the “new 27!”

If you were born before 1970 (and you know who you are!) you would just have to say you were 37, thus almost 40. and you might as well say you are 40 then righ!

And that is the wisdom I got on the bus today!

thewildword ~d

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Shane said...

Im good with lettine you dye my hair blue, realy its fine it may even be cool! Wow 40 hu? its like watching gray hair grow. maybe you need the hair color or.... hair.