Tuesday, January 2, 2007

Stupid work.

1st day back.
It took till 11 for me to get all the changes on my system that was made over last week in India.

It also seems that for some reason we have to include all the .css files that are in the css folder on all pages. but that is just stupid! What if I want css on one page that I don’t want on a deferent one. But India set it up that way. Also they were complaining that some of the js dose not work. Well it would help if you include the .js file.

End then end I did not get much done today. A little but most of it was spend trying to fix things that was working a week ago.

8 working days till launch. I see working on my birthday!
Even then. I don’t see getting this done!

This project just was not thought out. And we have to many people in charge in to many places.

Errrrrr not a good way to start a new work year!
thewildword ~d

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