Sunday, January 14, 2007

Ok. Well here is the big day

By birthday. Not that exciting all in all. I got a cumpas from L and Zoe. L taught Zoe my age. Ask Z how old is Daddy. “Daddy Old!” Nice.

Besides that I did Tie-Che today. That was good. I really needed it. More so after this last week. I could not even begin to start to tell you how the week was going. Still looking for a new job. Part of me would like were I am to make me a good offer and I could stay there. I would like to stay some place for a while. And I like my boss a lot. And the people I work with. But…. And part of me would like to get a job on this side of the lake.
I just want more $$. I don’t wont to worry about $$ anymore. And I want to be able to get stuff and do stuff with out worring about $$.

Go on trips.
Get a iPod Shuffle.
Get a xbox 360.
Get a Baby sitter so L and I can go out.
Stuff like that. I know stuff is silly. But still.

We are going out to eat later. That will be nice. I am looking forward to it. I am going to get a good stake. Hard to get. But I do want a good Stake.

In other news. At UU there is a weighting group starting. I may look into that. It would be fun and I have my orienteering class this week. I hope no one bugs that day and I can go. I get to work tomorrow. Should be a day off. But I get to work.


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