Wednesday, January 3, 2007

If I was to run a game.

What would it be?
I have maybe 2 players. Friends. L is out because so much Z takes so much time that any free time is valued. I so know that feeling. She is a good value. But she is a time vacuumed!

So I may have 2 players and with some luck maybe 1 or to more will show up! Like magic! I hope.

But what game!

Wight Wolf: Mage.
I have done this a lot. I like Mage a cross between 1-3rd addition. But I am not at this point having any inspiration for the game. I am sure I can come up with it soon. I am good at that for Mage.

Wight Wolf: Where Wolf.
I have only did this once. But I have played it lots and I enjoyed it. I have a couple ideas for this. But it is not my best at running.

Wight Wolf: Vampire.
Well. What can I say. I have a idea!!! O ya. Idea!

Cyberpunk 2020.
I am rally in the mood to play this. I have a couple ideas for running and it is an easy system to run!

D&D. 2nd.
Easy to run. Like above. But not lots of ideas. But easy to get ideas for.

In Nomine: ????
Have ran it. Love it. Have Idea. Good ideas! But it is a game you run with people you have ran with for a while. You can not play the game and enjoy it with out testing your self and your morals. (kind of!)

My own system.
It is a system kind of base on Charles De'lint / Gaiman worlds. You have kind on innate powers your can use magic. But true magic take a log time. And lots of will.
I do have dies for this as well though. Good ideas.

Well. What should I do?

Need more info?

I don’t know. But with luck we will find out!
thewildword ~d

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