Friday, January 19, 2007

Thought it was a good idea.

Ok. Sense I have been here in Seattle I have not been able to get to Kung-fu as much as I would like. Let’s face it. To get to class on the weekdays I would ether, 1 have to take the bus home for an hour, kiss my wife and child, get in a car drive for :40 to an hour. Then maybe get an hour of class before I need to leave if I want to get home before my child goes to bed and my dog need a walk. Or 2. Take the bus form work over to class. Get 2 hours of class before I head home on the bus for 1 hour at least (have to changes buses)
Neither is very good if I want to spend any time with my family that day. And ~L has to dill with ~Z for 10 hours a day anyway. She is a good child. But she is a 2 years old (Like herding cats that have thrums and can tell you they don’t want to be herded by setting and screaming there heads off. Between being cute and loving.) It is hard for me to add at least 3 more hours on to that for ~L even once a week.
Well anyway. We ~L and me thought we would try the gym next to us. Just to make up for the exercise we don’t get being out here, because it is so dark at night and lately cold. We had a 10 day free pass thing that we thought would be good for a try. Hell we were even ready to just join. After all, they are open 24hr a day so I could go after ~Z went to sleep. And they have day care. So ~L could take ~Z over and let her play with other kids while she worked out.
Needless to say. The whole thing was crap. The person we meet at 8:30 spent an hour telling us hour great the gym was (and it did look great. But you don’t spend an hour telling people that are hulling a kid around every little thing. They are ready to see the place quickly and then sigh up or not) , then we got the pitch.
If we signed up for the 2 of us right then! Our 1st time in. it would only cost us only $230 (1st and last month’s fees, $90 membership start up cost and $39 each registration fee and stuff.) Ug…. If we waited though and did the 10 day free trial (which did not let you come in after 9 at night) it would cost almost $450. And it was a hard sell. We walked out! What a pain in the But. What a waste of time.
People can say all they want about kung-fu. But you don’t get the hard sell, you get to know all the cost up front, and the price is way cheaper than just about anything else out there. Sure they get your money is weapons and special class and festivals. But it is not like that stuff is hidden.
I just need a way to get there more. I was excited to see that the gym had a big open area that was not used at night. I thought I could use it to practice in. but no!
2 of the many things I miss about Boulder. Close to Kung-Fu. Have community Centers you could work out in.
Still I love being out here.
Just wish getting to a place to work out was easers. Just doing it at home has never worked for me. I need to go somewhere and set aside time for it.

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