Sunday, January 7, 2007

Why Good Books suck.

Because they suck up your life. I hade a few things I wanted to do this weekend. Did I get them done? No! Why? Because I spend all weekend reading a book. Not don’t with it. Need to get back to it. Will till you the name and more about it when I am done.

So the rest of this will be quick.

Friday. Did not play Magic the gather. Zoe did not sleep all day and ~L was about to lose it. So I happily stayed home with Zoe (and Read!) and let her get out by herself.

Saturday. Kung-Fu Good! Iron bone and Punching Kicking class. Came home Read! Watched KC lose badly in the playoffs. Went out on a drive to get Zoe to sleep! Eat got some Magic cards! Came home. Read!

Sunday. Went to the Universal Unitarian Service. It was about the “New Atheism” something I will blog about more later. 3rd time going. Really liking it! Came home. Read!

Gong to go Read more now!

O I am also going to ask for more $$ tomorrow at work. If I don’t get it. I am going to get a deferent job. Even though I like the people I work with. I need and want the $$ more.

Thewildword ~d

O and people that I know that write. Will you hurry up and get some things done I can read! It is cheaper that way! And you can read, or try to read my stuff anytime you like.

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