Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Chomping at the bit.

So ready to start the new job. I am trying not to be a short timer where I am. But I really am looking forward to my new job. Did the drug test today. I have no worry there. Now I just need it is just time....

I am also looking forward to getting out stuff from Seattle this weekend. It is going to be a long drive, but worth it. It will be over. Also I will be seeing some friends up there. I am looking forward to that to.

I think one of the things I am looking forward to most is getting back my music. Need my music bad. One thing I hate about where I am is that I keep finding good places to get streaming music and then they block it here. I hate that. HATE it. I also can’t get to my Gmail. Not a good way to keep web developers. Well this one will not be here much longer.

On other news. I have started jogging in the morning with the dog. The dog is not at all happy about this. Needs to be done though.

I way too much and I need to get in a little shape the kung-fu. Witch I start again soon. Need to go back. and get in shape for outdoor.

O the pain.

Kind of nice to do though, even if I have to almost drag the dog.

Well that is it for now.


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