Thursday, March 15, 2007

Vacations… and 2.

Ok I know I have been away for a while for a long time but I have been on vacation. At the start of it on the 4th ~Z turned two. She picks up every word that that anyone says. So We have to watch what we are saying.

Well anyway like I said we were on vacation. We went to San Diego to see my brother ~S and Mom and Dad. We got left late Sunday. ~Z took the plain ride in stride. Did not think anything about flying above the earth. And she was good.

Dad and ~S meet us at the airport Monday morning, got to the resort (saw a car speed up around us, slow down and bump a van. Before they both pulled over. Odd.) We slept late Monday, got up went to the beach. It was vary nice. Laura and I both have bad headaches. But the beach called kid’s beach (Seal Beach sense Seals took over.) the Seals and tide pools made the hole day worth it. We were still tired though so we did not do to much. We did meet ~S room mate and a couple of there friends for dinner. It was good. ~Z got to open her birthday presents. O she likes Birthdays.

The next day we drove through the mountains to get some good Pie and I discovered wasabi coated peanuts. LOVE THEM. Then we did the wild animal park. It was vary nice. But we got there late, so we only had 2 hours. Still ~Z loved it, and so did I.

The next day we got started late again. Went to sea world. Saw Shamoo. ~Z loved that too. But again we were there late and only had about 2 hours. And lots of places were closed.

Thursday ~S, ~L and I went down to the beach to walk around again. It was a nice relaxing time. Spent some good time with my Brother. Later that day ~S had to leave for a thing of his in Mexico. It was good to see hem though.

Friday, ~L and I rented a car for the day. Then the day got interesting. ~S gave the codes to his house so we could get in on Friday and use the computer so pay some Bills. That was all nice and things were going well when we hear a nock on the door saying “San Diego PD” It looks likes ~S neighbors knew that ~S and his roommate were gone so the called the police. Well we got it all worked out. But it was still a pain.

After that we did not do much the rest of the day. Got a new memory card for the camera. Later that night we ~L and I went to LA to see our (my) friends. Old friends of mine for Boulder ~KLTS. It was nice to see them. I miss them so much. It was on the best times I had there. It was all good time. But it was good to see my friends. They loved ~Z and ~S had lots of toys for ~Z.

Saturday spend the time with mom and dad had good food. Good time on the water. Played with ~Z in the water. That night ~L and I went out on a date. Again so nice. Sunday. Some of the best food we had. Good Mexican food. Cant get that in Seattle. But you can in old town San Diego. I highly recommend old town San Diego, wish I had more time to see it. But it was getting hot and everyone was getting tired. The flight home was ok. The 3 hour layover in San Fran was a little much though. Well pic are up.

I will talk more later. Still trying to get over the vacation. Get energy back…

Thewildword. ~d

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