Wednesday, March 28, 2007

The most usfull day of work in…. alog time.

Well. I have been learning to do servercontrols at work. It is a .net thing. I love them.

Today there was almost no one else in the office. I really got some good stuff done. I have made a mose over image control and now am I am making a pop in contol.
Sure there is lots of them out there. But they are all in js. And there is some problems to walking the DOM and setting it up that way.

The way I am doing it is by building the Iframe and placing it on the page using a controol. I have a div around that, that is as wide as the page and I am going to put one more div right around the iframe for aborder and x close control. While you are in the iframe you can do whatever processing you need and then set a funcion on close so that you can update the calling page as needed.
And by putting one little custome tag on the page.
I like making my own tags.

And I thought user controls were cool. Ha.

I have even leared how to cast controls.

All that and Sun for 2 days in a row.

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