Sunday, April 1, 2007


That is want is running through me right now.

I have had a good last few days. Starting Wednesday by boss was out. I got a lot done. Not that I don’t when he is there. He is a grate boss and really knows his stuff. He is also dedicating lots of time in me. Still I kind of have some down time right now. And I fell better about using it to learn stuff when he is not there. Odd I know. But part of me always fells like I am goofing off when I am not working on a project.

Well the stuff I did that day and the next at work, Friday from home and the last two days just for fun. I am sure they will be pleased with. Server controls I am really getting the hang of. I can’t wait for my review!

Beside’s that I did get my first .Net page up that is my own that I did. I redid the CSC Seattle site. Here it is take a look. I am happy with it. The down side is that the server only allows you to run a .Net site from the root dir. So I have to have it go though an Iframe. Kind of a pain. And I can’t get the stupid white border to go away. I have another CSC site to work on. For Salt Lake.

Today at the UU I was invited to start going to the planning committee for sermons. I think I will enjoy that. I might even give a sermon one day… I sure do give my thought enough when we get to say what we think about the sermon that day. I guess that is why they want me up there.

That makes me happy.

Still all this good stuff and I am not happy right now. There is nothing I can put my fingers on. But I fell somewhat lost. ~L and I are talking about moving again. Somewhere link Bend OR. I guess it is more like Boulder. Less rain. I am not happy about that. But ~L is having a hard time with all the clouds. I am going to miss the rain. I love the rain. But I can admit that I do miss the Sun as well. It fells good to be in the sun some times. I see the sun way to much from inside an office…
I miss kung-fu to. But I have no time for that here. I keep getting headaches and bloody noses here. Well I have for the last 2 weeks. I not to worried about it. But it is a pain.

~L and I have talked about going back to Boulder. Part of me really would like that. More kung-fu, people we know and I am sure I could get a job there. But going back would fill odd. I think I would rather move to Bend. I think there is a chance there will be more storms there. I just don’t fell like I have a home right now. I fell like I am just starting to get settled here and we are thinking about moving. I would love move to a house. Some place with a yard for ~Z and the pets. But I am not sure that I am ready to give up on WA yet. It seems like we are just getting started here.

I also still want a 360. I just don’t see how I am going to get one though. I don’t know if one will make me happy. But I know not having one is not helping with how I fell. Stupid hu?

Well it is for the most part going ok. ~Z is stunning. Growing. ~L’s art is just stunning as well. And Well work.. work is going so well.
Thewildword ~d

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