Tuesday, April 24, 2007

And we are going backwards. No Shock.

So we are now thinking of moving to West Seattle. We are going to go over this weekend and look at the area. But we really want to move. Kirkland is ok, but boring and expense. And I have little dought that our rent will go up. And for what we are getting. That just is not right. In West Seattle we can get more for less and the commute would not be so bad. I think I would like that. We also may do Magnolia. I might even like Magnolia more. It is to the north instead of the south. And north would be closer to Kung-fu. Either way. We need to move. I am sure if we stay where we are. By the end of summer. We will be moving back to Boulder. And I do love Boulder. But I would like to give it at least one more year here.

And maybe, just maybe if we can get a place that cost a little less. We can save some $$. Maybe.

On the down side. 25 days (would be 24 today) till xbox is shot!

I know it would be. Just knew it. I should not be depressed about this. But I am. I am a lot. And I do not think it is really the xbox (but I would love to have one) it is the fact that I have to make choices like this. I don’t get how it is that I make as much as I do and can’t just go get the xbox when I want and still have $$ to move. I don’t get it. We don’t waste that much $$. Is it were we live? Maybe. Still. It is depressing. so F#$King depressing!

Here lest depress myself some more.
So it was 25 days.
Lest add at least 2 months because of moving.
So 85 days.
Any # of things that are needed come up.

And that is how it is going to go.
No way around it.
But on the up side. We will have a nice place to live. And that means a lot. A whole lot. Maybe being in a new place will pirk me up. :(

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