Thursday, April 19, 2007

So close to getting there.

At the start of this week I had a good Monday. Something happened at work to make me vary happy. It was something that was offered me that would have gotten me to a place were we could get ahead. Get a new computer, get an x-box 360. Get some $ in the bank. Get things I wanted. Be able to go to more kung-fu things. Let ~L and ~Z do more stuff. Do more stuff with them. For 2 days I was on top of the world. My stress had gone down. But yesterday I was told that it was a mistake. things had happened and people were miss informed. Offered me stuff they were not suppose to. So it was taken away. Away. I know the parson that offered it to me was new and new people make mistakes. I can't hold people for making mistakes. I know I have made enough myself.

Still. I cant help but feel bad. Like hope was taken from me somehow. I cant help but feel disappointed and a little depressed.

But it will be ok.

thewildword ~d. :(

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