Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Canada and Easter.

Well we had our Easter, went to Canada to see ~L sister, her husband and there child ~S. it was a good trip. Nice to see them. And ~Z and ~S hit it off. They had a good time playing. We hope to get them together more. It would be a shame not to. They do live so close.

Still. I found Canada odd. I can’t see any deferent’s between our earth and there’s. It felt odd though. The sighs being in Kilometers, even though I knew they would be, made me feel out of my element right away. And god only knows how much anything costs or ways. I can convert Kilometers to miles ruffle but Money to money. Pounds to whatever they use… lost! I felt more at home in England.

We got on the highway there and we were suppose to go 2 miles to our exit. But the sigh said 5 till the next. But in 2 miles there is was. I thought there sigh was wrong. But then I realized it was not wrong. Just in Kilometers. So kind of wrong.
And I thought the hole Putting “Ahaa” at the end of each question was something that was done for TV, but know they do it. I know it is bad. But I could not help but think. “O my god, people really do that?” Everyone was nice though. And I did have a good time. I hope ~L sister and her family come down soon.

I was glad to get back on this side of the border though. The drive was stunning and we found what looks like a great place to hike. We took the road along the cost back. Everything was so green. I would love to take the drive sometime when it was not raining. I do love rain. But I would love to see it all in the sun.

It really helped. I was kind of set off the hole day. And I know why. ~L sister and her family always seem to have not $$ but yet they have lots of stuff. Flat screen TV, 3 computers, Nice Monitors and lots of DVDs that they have bought. And I know we make more than them.

But yet I can’t give any of that stuff to my family or myself. I just don’t know what I am doing wrong. I am guessing nothing. I know we don’t live off credit or family and they do. Still…. I don’t know.. Still. I was set off by it.
I need something to change. I need to get ahead. Somehow…
Well ~Z is happy.

More later.


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