Monday, April 23, 2007

Ok. 360 here I come. I hope.

So Saturday night I was very close to getting a 360. I was seconds away from it. ~L told me to get it and I really wanted to. But the trough is I have a hard time spending that kind of $$. I mean I could just get the core set. But that has no hard drive and no game. 2 things I really need. So getting the core set $300 would be nice. But not what I really want.

What I want is the Core set with a hard drive, a game and a few other things. I think by the time it is all said and done it will be about $500. That is lots of $$. So I did not get it Saturday. Made me a little said but I put back ½ of what I need for it. I was going to just get it on the next pay check but ~L pointed out that would be the rent paycheck. So I guess it will not be 2 weeks but 4. That kind of drives me nuts but ok.

What drives me nuts about it is I am sure by 4 weeks we are going to find lots of things we will need to put the $$ towards. After all, our lease is coming up. Our rent could go up. We need to register the car next month. And god knows what else could happen.

I hate that feeling. Hate it.
But I am sure it will all work out. I hope.
So 25 days till x-box 360. Please only 25 days.

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