Monday, October 1, 2007


I use the word just about every day. I don't even think about it. "I hate getting up in the morning." "I hate the sound of the train at night." I hate this and I hate that. The problem is I never really thought about the word. I have always used it in place of "I don't like." But I came to a stunning reveltion about the word today when I heard it come out of my 2 year olds moth. 1 I realized I say it way to much. and 2 I realized it meaning. Disliking something happens when you have experiences with something and it dose not work for you or you have found it wanting in some way.

Hate though is born of fear and ignorance. Dislike you can face and change your mind about. But not hate. You hate because you fear. Hate is irrational. Hate is stupid. You may try to rationalise your hate. But in the end it is something that lives inside of you.

I don't want my child learning hate. I do what her to learn to judge things and decide that some things are bad. Bad for her and the world. but that is not hate. there is no feeling to that, that cant be justified and or changed.

I fear that I am not making myself clear. But all I can tell you is that when I heard "I hate that" come out of her moth. I felt like the worst dad ever. I guess really need to watch what I am teaching my little girl.


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