Friday, October 19, 2007

Not so much awake

Yes playing Halo and other games. But I had Halo dreams again last night. After staying up to late playing the game. This dream was more about the Flood. It might have given me a story idea.

I have also down loaded a game called Blazing Angels. A WWII air combat game. Love it. I might need to get the whole game.

~L and I had a nice hike last weekend. Would love some more walks.
Some friends watched ~Z. it was nice to get out. After the hike we had a nice dinner with the friends.

We also had my parents in last week. It was vary nice to see them. But I think we need to get ~Z out of the habit of asking for presents. She is 2 and everything she sees she wants. And She has no tact. It is not like her grand parents are not going to spool her. She just should not ask for it. Just need to make sure she grows out of it.

~Z is a love. She is looking forward to Halloween. So am I. She will have so much fun.

Well that is it for now. It is Fall. Vary Fall. Love it.

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