Wednesday, October 3, 2007

To much HALO

so the last 2 nights I have had HALO dreams. I dont remenber what the one was tonights ago. but last nights dream picked up right were I left off playing.

Kind of freeked me out having to fight thought the Flood. and when I awoke from the dream I swore I would give myself a day off from it. But now that I am half way though the day. -- I am looking forward to playing again. :)

I am so close to fininshing the game. I need to play.

I am playing on normal right now. (with scoring turned off. Somthing I did not find out about till 1/2 thought the game.) When I am done I will move on to hard. See if I can do that with no help. Make sure I have scoring on for that. and I will start playing with other.

I think that is what I really like most about the 360. playing with others.


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