Wednesday, February 21, 2007


There has been a lot about the year 2012 and that the Mayans calendar ends in it. (sometime in October I think) For along time I have found this interesting. It always seemed odd to me that people that went though so much trouble to create such a grate calendar that went for so long after they did would end on a canteen date. Sure the calendar had to end some time. And it could be that is just what they decided to end for some reason. But they all end on that date. You would think if there was more then one of them and the end date did not matter. They would all end at deferent dates.

But lately I have learned that in 2012 is the same time that the earth passes though the galactic center. Moving from one side to the other. It seems that the earth dose this every so often. Lawrence Joseph says that he finds evidenced that every time this happens there has been big earth changes. That there is huge gravity waves that compress our sole system and brings the down fall of civilizations. And that is what the Mayans were talking about. Not the end of the world but the end of ‘this’ time and ‘this’ way. The Mayans were vary good at understanding the stars and our place in them.

Anyway. That said. I don’t now about the down fall of civilizations and all, even though I believe that there most likely has been advanced civilization of man on the this plaint before that have fallen I am not sure if this will be the fall of ours. I get the belief of advanced civilization of ‘us’ from the fact that we have been around for about 100 thousand years. Not a lot to some. But that is about 92 thousand years that we have no record of. And for all this time we have had the same brain power that we have now. Not a bigger brain, not a smaller. The same brain. But yet we only come up with writing in the last 8 thousand years.

I think it more likely that humans lived in smaller pockets some for them got real advanced but something come along and removed them. After all it if we just were gone tomorrow it would take 1k for most things that were not plastic and glass to be gone. 50k for most plastic and glass. If there were a few pocket of really smart groups that advanced to almost our level or even to with in 50 years of us. And they got destroyed 50k ago or even 20k it would be hard for us to tell. They would not even be legends. Hell you can find towns all over KS, MS, OK and AR that are just foundations of buildings in the woods. No one knows anything about them or how lived there. If less than 100 years from now there will be nothing of them.

Anyway that aside. I was thinking what if going though the galactic plain did not bring us down but moved us into a new reign in the galaxy. What if of the other side allows us to connect to quantum reality more. Maybe all the legends of magic and supernatural powers come from a time when we were more in touch with magic and the like. Maybe the other side will make Quantum Magic opens up to us? Or something like that. I know. Vary Shadorun. Still.

Well that is all I am going to ramble about tonight.
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