Thursday, February 15, 2007

.Net C#

Well most of this Post will be about work and the like. But not bad stuff. I really have been enjoying in the last couple weeks. I have been doing lots and lots of .NET. front end and back in of it. And C#.

I have been working a lot with the .NET controls and like most people that have done any front end work I get frustrated at how you can’t get hold of the id’s because .NET changes them. Adds stuff to them. What this has done is made me really get my JS down. Walking the DOM and the like to find the element I want. Ether though looking at Child Nodes or Siblings. My JS and CSS has really jumped forward. And I have really cemented myself as the AJAX person of the company.

At the same time I am really getting .NET down. Master pages and custom controls are now common place for me. C# as a backend language is powerful and smooth. It works with .NET so well. Allowing you to control and change the front side controls and content with ease.

I must admit for the 1st time I feel like a real programmer. I have been doing web work broth front end and middle tear for a long time. But always in JS or ASP on the back end. Now I am really getting in to building web components both server objects and controls. Working with SQL and stored procedures. And My knowledge of JS and AJAX is really helping in building sites in the web 2.0 world.

There is still lots to learn. But I am getting there.

I have a friend ~J who left ~W~St at the same time I did. He went down the Java path and he seems to love it. But I think if he really got into C# and .NET he would like it to. It is just so smooth. And he would not have to be working in a language that will be dead in 6 or 7 years. :~)

Of course saying that, I don’t go though a day when I don’t say to myself what dumass thought of this. But most time that is CSS.

11 working days left before vacation. (well 10 I get Monday off).

~Z has a cold. I fear I might have a little one! Err.

Thewildword ~d.

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