Monday, February 26, 2007

Kids, The groups. Pods and Disks on the bus.

I have notest a sigh of the times. A new version of the have and have not’s on the bus in the morning. There are groups of teens that are that I think of as the Pods. They all have nice close that have been worked on the look like they are trash. Talk ‘shit’, curse every 3rd word and talk about how bad their lives are in Kirkland WA, all the fights they get into(despite the lack of limping and bruises.), how F@c# they get into each weekend. And most of the time they smoke. And they all have ‘iPods’.
The other group is quieter for the most part. Not so tight together and as there cloths, for the most part are clean, it is not so hard to tell that there stuff is mostly used. They don’t seem to mind though, they seem to take plusher in the fact they are creative in what they do with what they have. I don’t see most of them smoking and they all have ‘CD players’.
On the bus you can tell who are the have and the have not’s. iPods Vs Disks. I like the Disk kids a lot more. They just don’t seem to have the attitude. The iPod kids never even seem to lesion to their music. More interested in talking about how bad their lives in the same breath as talking about the new stuff they got this weekend. And how much the need a smoke. I can’t tell you how much these kids tick me off. Maybe I am just getting old. But my life was never as rough as they pretend there’s is. Sure I was in Hell as a teen. But the way this kids talk you feel like you should call social servers for them.
There is a 3rd group. The Goth kids. I don’t see them with the music much. But you can always guarantee they will have coffee on them. Everyone here has coffee on them. But for a Goth it is a requirement. Again most are smokers. But not as much as the Pods.
What I find odd. I don’t see any tech kids, computer nerd types on the bus. Maybe there parents drive them.

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