Saturday, February 3, 2007

Things going down

Ok. It seems that as soon as I get a raze to a far about at work. There Seems to be no end of things that are lining up to take that $$.

1st there is the TV. Not the pig one but the small one in the living room. We had kind of planed on getting a new TV anyway. But the TV has a filter going out or something. The top 8th of the screen has white lines running though it. Anything near the top kind of loops around and starts going down. So we need a new TV.

2nd ~L computer. It seems to have gone down. It was having a problem where is would just stop seeing ½ the memory. So I took the memory out and put it back in to see if I could get it to work better. Now it dose not work at all. I hit the power button the green light comes on then it sounds like power is going though the system but it dose not fire up the hard drive. Nothing comes on the screen and after about 3 seconds the green light goes off. ~L needs a computer. So we need a new computer.

Well I am guessing that is about the only 2 things for now lining up to take our $$. Still that is more than I wish. We still need to get ticks for CA. will have to wait till Friday when I get paid. But we well get them.

I guess I am just a little upset because this just pushes back things I want and want to do. But I guess this happens. Maybe by the end of summer things will be better. But I am guessing not. There will be car stuff that comes up this summer. going to have to get it registered here in WA and that will cost over $100. need to get us all passports about $300 there.

Sorry to be such a downer.

Anyway. Maybe I will hit the button and the computer will just come up tomorrow.

On the up side ~Z is sleeping in a bed not a crib now. And she has started to use the potty. Not bad for someone who is not even 2 yet!


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