Sunday, February 11, 2007

Must Rest some time

It has been a wild few days. After not getting much sleep last week I have had a couple good nights of sleep. Still I feel vary tired. But I will try to bring everyone up to speed.

When I say that I have been trying to pull off the imposable at work I am not laying. I have been building a DHTML multi file upload control. As most of you know you can upload a file to a web site using a input control with a type of file. And you can have only upload more then one file if you have more then one input or type file on the page. And you can not style the input control at all.

Well. We have made a control that you can upload more then one file at time with and can style. It is stunning. But it is a challenge. I spent 2 days of my time last week working on it. There is still a little work to do. But when I am done, I will make sure everyone I know, knows about it. Those that are web programmers will be stunned I think.

Other that that. This weekend has been busy. Kung-fu Saturday morning, We got ~Z’s blood taken then come home. Both ~L and I had really bad headaches. For the most part we got over them in time to do Karaoke at the church Saturday night. It was fun.

Today I got to greet at the UU then we went to an Art showing, after that we just drove around a bit. It was nice. Then we ate. I worked out and that is about it. Seems like I did a lot.

We also got are tickets to San Diego. Maybe some time on vacation I will fill rested. HA!


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