Wednesday, February 7, 2007


So I watched the show 2057 on Discovery the other night. I liked what they came up with. I thought they did a good job of coming up with a nice middle of the road estimate of what live could be like in 50 years. Some of the things I think they were a little too conservative with. Other to far out. But a nice middle of the road guess is about the best we can hope for.

They went into transportation and computer power. It all looked good. But what got me most was the 1st hour of the 3 hour show they talked about medical advances. The ability re-grow body parts and the like. It seemed that by 2057 you could fix just about anything. And from some other stuff I have been reading I can believe that maybe the case.

Were as I really liked this. Everything around the medical advancements really bothers me. It seems that out need to serve humanity did not grow with our ability. Insurance companies still control who gets saved and how does not. And they have the power to drop you from your insurance at any whim and any reason. Even going so far as to monitor you and go through your garbage to find trespasses agents a health live style.

I think for humanity to live up to its greatness we need to make sure that all humanity (that wants it) is severed. If you need a new hart or arm or whatever you can get it. It cost us more as a race to lose one of us that it cost us in cash.
Anyway. That is just my thoughts. I am all about universal health care. And I do think it would be good to have fabric that was monitoring health sighs and could call for help if needed. But I don’t think that info should go to the government or insurance company. No decision about you leave of care should be base on it.
Well that is my thought.

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worldnamer said...

Maybe in 2057 we'll have figured out how to provide health care for everyone. I can't wait; I know too many people who could use that sort of support right now.