Wednesday, December 27, 2006

.net help

I am trying to move my site up to a .net site. With the stuff as well.

But it seems to be a huge page to do so. The way the site is set up now is that my brother and I have some web space. under the root level we have folders that we have our web sites pointing to. We can run htm and asp files under the folders but not .aspx files to have the .aspx files in the root. now we can set it up so that any sub folder can see those files but this is nto the best idea. Like what if I need to have a default or index .aspx file for a site. I cant use index.aspx for more that one site. there are some ways around it. but it is a pain. A big pain!

I called the help line but that was a pine to. I got some one in India that did not speak English well. And after about 1/2 hour on the phone the person that I talked to said he would email me how to set up the files the way I wanted. and that the way it was set up was not good. he would also look into see if the stuff was set up on the servers. Still have not heard form hem.

I think I good hook for running a web provider would be to advertise that all you tech people were here in the US and they spoke English well.

I think these tech people get English for an English for dummy's book.

o well.

This week is going to quickly!

need more than just one week.


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