Sunday, December 31, 2006

Grading 2006.

& Final Thoughts on the year

Overall B-.

Well there are lots of things to think about. But here it is!

1 Where we live: Moving to Seattle WA: A+.
Moving is something that Laura and I have been talking about doing sense almost as long as we have been together. This year we did it. It feels good to be out here. I love it here. There is so much to do. I just hope we do it. End the end Boulder was the same. Lots to do. Be we never did it.

2: Home or what we live in C-.
I think we went back words from last year. I am not happy with this Condo/Locations. It is not a bad place. But I like were we were better. I also don’t like the road nose here! I do like how close we live to down town and a couple other things. But I also do not like living in Kirkland that much. I would rather live in Freemont or somewhere on the other side of the lake(west). Even if I end up working on this side(east). And I want a yard. For Zoe and Rashie.

3: Job: C.
I like my job well enough. It has given me lots of skills I did not have. But it dose not pay enough. It when I moved out here I was working at MS for a decent amount of $$. But I was not happy there and I did not feel like I was getting enough skills there. So I went to a place were I thought I could get those skills even if it was for a little less $$. But the $$ is going to get worse as our insurance is going up. So I think I am going to have to get a new job after the new year. If I don’t get a raze. I am also not happy with the lack of organization at were I work.

4: Money: C-.
End the end I am just not making enough $$ for were we live. And I know I can make more. I am always a little worried about $$. Not much, but some. And I don’t really make enough $$ for us to be able to do things we want to. We want to travel. Take more classes. But we live just on the edge I think most of the time. Can’t put anything back really. So I need a new job.

5: Zoe: A+
I don’t know how much I have to do with this. But she is a happy, loving, smart child. She may even be a A+++.

6: NANO: C
I did not really get to do it this year. Witch sucks. I just had to much to do at work. And I never got a good flow for my story. I had people, and seems and an over all stories. But nothing really connecting it all together. I just never had time to set down and work that out. But in trying to get ready for NANO I did finish editing my story from last year. So C.

7: Gaming. F-
This is the 1st year that I have done 0 gaming. It dose kind of live a hole in me. And it maybe the greatest loss I have this year. End the end though there is no time and there is no people.

8: Learning. B.
I got some good knowledge and skills in AJAX and .NET that I did not have last year.

9: Reading. C.
Never enough.

10: Kung-fu C-
I have not done enough sense I have been out here. I was doing ok in Boulder right before we left. But the best I can do here is on the weekends. I have giving up really on any hope of testing to 4th when I should. I just don’t have time. And I have not had time to put into the school out here that I wish I could. That is kind of why I want to live on the other side of the like. Closer to the school. It is not hard to get to the school from work. But it is hard to get from the school to home.

11: Politics. B
I am happy that the Dems took back the House and Senate. Not so much because I think they will do better than the Repups. But I do think that nether party should have total control. And we still have one of the biggest dorks leading the country that we could have. Well we will see how the Dems do. I kind of have hope. Kind of.

12: Travel. D+
Only 2 trips this year really. You might count me coming out here to look for a place to live. But that really was not a trip.

13: Laura: A+. always!

14: KC. B+
Well they just made it into the playoffs thanks to Denver and about 4 other teams loosing. There is just so much joy in that I cant tell you!

15: Video gaming. C-
I know it is a stupid thing. But I was hoping to have a high def TV and xBox 360 by now. I know stuff dose not make you happy. but I do like games.

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