Thursday, December 28, 2006

The Falls are just stunning. I have been out there twice before. Once when I was 8 and another time when I was 19. I it is easy to forget how stunning they are. O both of the times before I went down to the bottom but this time Laura thought it might be a little to ice to take Zoe down. there was lots of Snow and Ice on the ground. I so badly wanted to go though. It just seems wrong to go out there and not go down to the bottom. Still I am sure we will go again soon I hope. It is the type of thing I wish to do more of. I love hiking and I don't want to get to the point were just because it is cold or ice we don't to the hike. Danger is life. I don't want to put my child in any outrages danger. but danger is fun. and adventure is fun. and most adventures have danger in them. I don't want my child to fear that.

Well I am sure we will be there again soon. And we all will have a blast. In the rain or sun.

thewildword (~d)

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