Thursday, December 28, 2006

Last night was an odd night for dreams. there was a couple of them but the only that really sticks out was that I was some kind of side kick to a cop who was Mark Hamill. We were after a cannibal. I don't remember to much about the cannibal but for that he had a tan trench cote were Marks and mine were brown. I also remember that he was vary cunning and after finding out that we where on his trail did something to make it look like Mark Hamill was harassing hem and got Mark investigated to keep us away.

but I think most of that happened before the dream started. Just things I knew in the dream. The dream picked up as Mark was cleared and we were allowed to investigate the guy again. we had pulled hem over and Mark was telling the man that we were going to get hem. and the cannibal was saying that he did not do anything and was way to clever for us.

So after we let the man go we went to his house and broke in. there we found lots of human meat (that looked like long strips of raw chicken meat not red meat.) I did not find it super gross (maybe because it did not look human), but it did leave me with a disturbing feeling, one that has hung with me kind of all day. I also brief thought of wandering how Alton Brown of Good Eats would cook it. (I think I have been watching to much food net work!)

but that aside. We knew that we were never going to nail anything on the bad man. Even as he pulled up to the house with all his kills in it. So we did the only thing we could. We set out to make it looked like he attacked us. even as he was laughing at how stupid we were. At the end, right before the dream ended I was trashing our truck right as Mark was getting ready to kill the guy.

It was the only way.

After that I had a Star Wars dream where Mark and I were in a space cargo ship that he was flying but kept bumping it into things.

Needless to stay the dream (the former one) has stayed with me all day. One of the things that it made me think about was how people that eat human meat seem to quiet often believe it gives them super human strength. I got to wandering if this might not be that lots of times when someone is forced into eating human meat it is because they are starving. trapped in the mountains going mad from starvation. there body must be getting week and the windigo coming out in them.

Getting any food into them would seem to give them super human strength compared to were they were before eating.

I am guessing also if you get that mad, the need for human meat might stay with you. the madness giving you the strength you need to get more. and the will to do get it despite it meaning killing.

Well I am sure there is more to it than that. but it is just a thought.

Maybe we can get the MythBusters to test to see if you do really get super strength form it?

thewildword (~d)

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