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Definition. ~
The live that is lived by someone who has all the tech and advantages of someone living in a time were you would have Cyberpunk technology. But living with non of the darkness that the Cyberpunk genre predicts. ~

I have decided that a term was needed because I was thinking of what my child’s life will be like as a teen or adult or even what her child’s world might be like.

You see I have come to believe that the world most likely will keep going the way it is. We will keep having our tech grow. It will keep getting smaller and smaller and keep getting more and more integrated with us.

There will be no mention of it being used to control us. It will all be there for us. And just like people are happy to get up from there nice bed in there nice home next to 10000 homes that look just like there with 20000 beds that look just like there in them. Get dressed, get there breakfast, take out there keys, lock there house and start there car then set there ipod to play before heading off to work to day.

They will do that tomorrow to. But there beds will have sheets on them that are made of a cloth that tells you when it needs washed. There computer/TV will come on and tell them what the weather is going to be like for the day. At some point it will even tell them if anything odd is going on with there body. Fast hart rate. Odd sleeping. More or less dreaming than normal.

1st it would be something that monitored you through the sheets, then a clear parch on your body then right in the body. Each step just there to make it more convent for you.

The clothes would be the same thing as well. Smart fiber designed to hold info about you and monitor if you are hot, or cold or if it raining, snowing, sunshine or a even humidity change so that it can adjust its properties to keep you comfortable.

Your clothes could even be selected for you form days before. Based on what you are planning on doing. Work meeting. Outside work, doing Kung-fu. All ready to go. 1st as just a reminder on the screen, later just being what is on the top of your dresser when you get up.

Your food would be suggested by or set up by your fridge based on what your bio stats says. It will order the food that you need and have the ($$) removed from your account for it.

All to make your life easer! After all if the computer can do it by you hitting a few keys or with voice commands. Why can’t it just do it if know what you want. OR NEED!

The doors on your house will lock when it senses you leave the house and your car will only start for you. Your ipot will go form being what it is now. To a patch on your skin to a chip in your skin that you can at fist control with a tattoo on your arm that looks like the controls you know now. Then controlled by mussels moved just the right way in the arm then just by your thought. Displays will be glasses that you have on your head then just implants in your eyes or the brains optic system. The same for your hearing.

All done for your convenience. And because it is COOL! Don’t you want to be cool?

Non of the darkness that is seen in the movies and books. No Neuromancer, no Mona Lisa Overdrive. People will let it happen because it is easy. No one is forcing them. No one needs to.

It happens slowly. A patch or monitors in the cloths. There will be people worried about it all being recoded. Used to restrict there freedoms. But if it is it is not reported and it only happens to a few people that needs it to happen to them anyway.

And the people that don’t have it are slowing down the world. After people get used to the RFID tags and the smart fibers it will be and easy step to move over to having a chip in your skin or in you head.

All as you get up to a nice day. Sure there is global warming. But there is still lots of land. And the dikes that where put up on the coasts to keep back the water made lots of jobs. There is cloned food that you don’t have to worry about running out of. The Streets are good. You have good jobs and good schools. And you always know what the day is going to be like!

The sun is shining for you. Some people might even call it Cybersunshine. For you can see the sun any day. Inside or out. Day or night

And the government will be the same as it is now. And business and industry will be the same as it is now. There will be corruption and there will be investigations. There will be war but it will not really touch us. There will just more tech. And more ways for us to watch THEM! It is all good.

It is all good. It is the Cybersuburban life. That is what I see for my child. I am guessing the clothes, patches and glasses will be by her teens. The implants for her child.

And no one will worry about it. In the world of 1984 tech was used to control you. In my childes world it will be used FOR you. To keep YOU informed, to keep YOU connected and keep you safe. It is just the way we works. Anything to make live smoothing. Cooler.

There will not be a long night. There will just be a day that last as long as you like.

That is Cyberhappness.

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