Sunday, December 24, 2006

A place to start

I am starting here. I tell you this hole blog thing is something I have tried a few times before and it has never gone anywhere. Most of the time the problem is I just don’t seem to have time to tell people what I think most of the time. It is not that I don’t have lots to say. I just cant believe people would care to hear it that much.

So most of the time it ends up being stuff that I have done or am doing. And that is just a pore narrative of my live. And that is not really interesting. The other problem is that the last blog that I had(have) is one I made myself. And besides for some of my friends it cant be found. It is

When I 1st got the site I was just going to have it as a place were people can up load stories that they wrote but no one ever did (besides me) so I turned it in to my blog/site/home page.

I am keeping as a playground type of site and a place to keep my stories up as well as a place to but up any project I have.

But I will not be bloging on it.

So what you will see there is an over view of me, some stories and some projects. And links I like.

As for about me. I am a 3rd black belt in Kung-fu. Web (.NET, C#, javaScript, CSS and AJAX) programmer living in Seattle (Kirkland) WA. If you want to know more. Go to home page. It has not been updated in a while. But you will get the jest of me.

thewildword (d~)

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